Laigaard & Partners – uncompromising quality

Good leadership is a vital resource as it will be decisive to your company's future. Hence Executive Search is a matter of confidence that makes demands – and so do we.

We are established in 1998, and since then we have been occupied with Executive Search of chairs of the board, board members, CEOs, directors, middle managers – or the specialist, whom many gave up finding, for the purpose of creating long-term value for our clients. Such task are our most distinguished to solve, and we are proud of having a hit rate of above 98% measured by the candidate still being in employment and not under notice at expiry of the guarantee period.

How do we manage to obtain this hit rate? We do so through targeted processes and firm quality standards to ensure that everyone will successfully cross the finish line. Our high quality and the hit rate with candidates that we present as a result of our process is where we differentiate ourselves the most. Every day we work hard to uphold our clients' trust. We gladly put in 110%, and make that extra effort which will generate extraordinary results.

We decline assignments, which we do not consider ourselves to be the right business partner for. Our work is always based on the principle that assignments should be solved by those who are best qualified. This is why we work in teams which will be specifically designed on the basis of the competences your assignment requires. We are thorough, and we never compromise on quality, in return we get close to both clients and candidates. With us, you will get an honest and dedicated business partner, who is respectful and result oriented.

According to our clients, we distinguish ourselves by our:

Ditlev Piper

CEO & Partner
+45 53630875

Ditlev has more than 20 years of experience from national and international companies and a comprehensive expert knowledge of management. He has a background as an officer of the Royal Guards and a background from several executive positions within consultancy and retailing and, also, he holds an MBA from Middlesex University London.

He has solid experience in executive search, coaching, and the assessment of top leaders, which is an important part of his work at Laigaard & Partners. Ditlev is a trusted advisor and valuable sparring partner for many of our clients. His deep insight and precision at a strategic and at a tactical level ensures that his assignments are delivered successfully and to the satisfaction all parties involved.

As part of a generational transition, Ditlev assumed ownership of the company on October 1st. 2023.

Claus Laigaard

Partner & Founder
+45 40798190

Claus is the founder and an experienced expert within Executive Search, consultancy, coaching and organizational development. He is known for his ability to identify the best candidates for a given position and he has more than 900 successful recruitments of chairs of board, board members, CEOs, directors and middle managers.

The substantial experience and expertise make him capable of providing high-quality services to companies across industries and sectors – including the more complicated ones. With his deep insight into clients’ demands and desires, he work closely together with them for the purposes of ensuring that they will get the best possible results and the most suitable candidates for their organization. A constant demand for the delivery of uncompromising quality has made him a sought-after profile for executives in both the Danish and international business community.

As part of a generational transition, Claus transferred the company to Ditlev Piper in October 2023. Claus remains in the company as a partner and headhunter.

Mads Jakobsen

Senior Consultant
+45 25250204

Mads has more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, including experience with Executive Search. He has in-depth market knowledge and is experienced with all areas of the search process from close collaboration with both national and international companies. Mads has, among other areas, many years of experience from cooperation with engineering companies and academic organisations, for which he has recruited especially managers and senior specialists across industries and sectors.

He is recognised for his thoroughness, business understanding and high quality standards, combined with a comprehensive toolbox within recruitment.

Mads joined Laigaard & Partners in 2022.

Alberte Cramer

Research Consultant
+45 50960796

Sandra Bøgedal Nees

Student Assistant
+45 40134642