Our services

Executive Search is our primary recruitment method. This method is a holistic process which have resulted in a hit rate of more than 98%. Laigaard & Partners also provide coaching of CEOs and managers, strategic sparring, organizational development and assessment of management groups.

It is a matter of confidence, requiring thoroughness, a sense of urgency plus an uncompromising commitment. This is how we qualify for being the client's preferred partner – again and again.

Executive Search

Our quality and the hit rate with candidates that we present as a result of our process is where we differentiate ourselves most significantly. We put much effort into the process, because it is through systematics and a good process that we will find long-term matches in our Executive Search of chairs of the board, board members, CEOs, directors, middle managers – or the specialist, whom many gave up finding.

This is why we constantly invest in new tools and in the development of our employees and methods, just as all work processes have been set out in firm quality standards, thus we have a systematic approach – always.

Coaching & Consulting

Laigaard & Partners provides coaching of CEOs and managers, strategic sparring, organizational development and assessment of management groups.

Our partners has many years of experience within consultancy work and business management and can constitute a strong sparring partner and “trusted advisor” to chairs of boards, CEOs and managerial groups.

We assist with the transformation from management to leadership.


For the purpose of supplementing a company's everyday senior management, increasingly more specific competences are sought after in the optimal composition or complementation of the board.

Companies require their board members to commit themselves with respect to matters pertaining to the company – that they will examine things in detail and contribute with such competences as the individual board member may have. There is much to take into account, and there will be many influential factors because you have to take for instance environmental, social and corporate governance, trends, demographic development, political winds, diversity and globalisation, environment, technological and digital development; and – not least – sustainability, into consideration.

Competences quickly become obsolete and new ones are added, which makes uncovering the board's strengths and supplementary options a complex matter. This has resulted in Board Services, including professional board recruitment via Executive Search, to be an increased part of the company's everyday life.

We have a well-founded experience in uncovering and supporting boards with respect to setting the strongest team and developing an efficient organization of the work based on: