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We are thorough and we are not afraid to be direct in our dialogue with clients and candidates. We always act professionally and respectfully towards our clients and candidates. Just as we would like to be treated ourselves. This is the prerequisite for our collaboration towards long-term value to you and your company. You should choose us if you;

”I would like to stress that the thorough preliminary work, which lead to all processes, evolved incredibly smoothly. The result delivered by Laigaard & Partners was of an unbelievably high quality and satisfactorily successful – we simply found the right C- level candidates. Where others may use more general search lists, the field here was more focused. But every candidate was highly qualified. The processes and tasks have been very well structured throughout”.
Kristian Hundebøll, CEO, the DLG Group

A thorough and detailed understanding across industries and functions

In our capacity as Executive Search company, we have a thorough and detailed knowledge across industries and functions. Our dedicated team comprises experienced specialists with a comprehensive understanding of various industries and functions. We operate on the basis of an extensive network and knowledgebase which we use in connection with our clients and which we can use for the purposes of generating development and value for you and your company.

Our network and knowledge enable us to identify the most qualified candidates and match them with your specific requirements. Also, we dare to involve ”dark horses”, who may surprise. We are focused on the long-term value that Executive Search can create for companies of the future. This is why we make a practice of challenging the existing.

Our fundamental understanding of industries and functions in combination with our network and comprehensive research methods will ensure that we, as a credible partner, will be able to provide results that will meet requirements to characteristics, knowledge, attitudes, experience, performance and not least the right motivation to take the job.

We recruit from C-level to middle-manager level – and the specialist, whom many gave up finding

We have extensive experience in assisting small as well as large businesses with respect to recruitment from C-level and to middle manager level, which has provided us with a unique knowledge about what is required by the individual Executive Search.

We know the people – and we understand the business. Our competence is Search for strategic and tactical positions for national as well as international companies and corporations. We are also prepared to assist in complex assignments requiring additional initiatives.

Where many may feel like giving up, we are pleased to contribute. We are never afraid to seek unconventional means to find the right solutions.


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- see examples of positions, here

We carry out assignments in Scandinavia

Our country of origin is Denmark and, since we began operations in 1998, we have been based right in the center of Copenhagen. We have always considered the Scandinavian area as one market in which we have thus operated on behalf of a number of corporations.

We are dedicated to the delivery of results for our clients and for you. We only accept assignments through which we can deliver, contributing to the development of your company by providing a match with the right candidate – even when your requirements mean that we must operate outside Danish or Scandinavian borders or, where required, that we execute assignments in collaboration with business partners.

"We got a difficult assignment from a Nordic company, which was close to being shelved after several attempts elsewhere. We asked for 8 months to execute, but as the end date was approaching, we still had not found the right candidate. One of our researchers had heard of a large international trade fair in Germany, which we decided to visit. Here we worked our way systematically through the trade fair. It may seem unusual, but we are fighters and are not afraid to seek unconventional solutions to find the right candidates. We got several relevant profiles in the pipeline and, also, we secured the appropriate candidate for our client. The value was big for all – and it didn’t cost extra".
Laigaard & Partners

Companies on behalf of which we have successfully completed assignments: