Why candidates choose us

We are honest, and we do not make a living by pleasing- this we leave to others, but we always behave properly. We are sympathetic and transparent, both with respect to processes, tools, human resources and relations. However, it is not just a question regarding the professionel expertise. Indeed, the personality, qualities, knowledge, attitudes and experiences as well as the motivational factor for candidate and employer should also tally. This is often what tips the balance for a successful match.

When we ask clients and candidates to evaluate us, we are hoping for the same honesty. We want to know whether we live up to the high quality requirements you may set for us and that we must set for each other. And fortunately, year after year, we have a high level of satisfaction with both clients and candidates, which a hit rate above 98 % helps to maintain. This is also a safety for the candidates, whom we are working with.

Our work will not be terminated at the match between candidate and company. We always carry out a systematic follow-up after the appointment, which we do because we are ambitious on your as well as our behalf and for the purpose of our collective establishment of long-term success.

The recruitment process

Thoroughness is in our DNA and is absolutely crucial in the process of finding the right candidate. We particularly differentiate ourselves in terms of quality and the hit rate with candidates that we present as a result of our process. We believe a person's characteristics, values, attitudes and motivation to be just as decisive for the employee's success in the position as the professional qualifications. Therefore, the candidate's former performance, personal attitudes and characteristics are valued as high as theoretical knowledge and professional experience.

In order to find the best candidates, we perform in-depth analysis of our candidates via personality and leadership-style analyses, dialogue and references.

You, the candidate

The process begins with us contacting you for a screening in relation to the position for which we have been requested to find candidates. If it is our impression that you are the right candidate and that you are interested in a jobchange, we will invite you to an interview. During this interview, we will provide you with information concerning the position and the company. Also, we will be interested in learning more about you – who you are, your background, your values, your career development and your professional and personal qualifications. We guarantee discretion to the extent you may request this.

If, after the initial interview, you still want to be a part of our recruitment process and we consider you to be qualified with respect to the job, we obtain information about you from references who are familiar with your personal characteristics and attitudes as well as your professional qualifications and experiences. Such references may be board members, managers, colleagues or business partners to whom you have referred to or collaborated with. We only contact references after prior agreement with you, and you will always be informed about the statements made by such references.

Personality analyses as an element in our recruitment process

All candidates found and presented by us have done one or more of our analytical tools. Hence, you will be asked to do a personality analysis, as well as possible reasoning tests and leadership style assessments – depending on the position. We apply one of the world's leading tools, developed by psychologists, and you will be offered feedback. All information will be treated confidentially, and no data will be disclosed without your consent.

We do not consider your test results a key in our decision as to whether you will be suitable for the job or not, but as a basis for yet an interview during which we shall also involve opinions of such references as we have obtained. Here, we will take an in-depth approach with your personal and professional profile, your competences, your leadership and career path so far. In addition, you will learn more about the company's organization and culture, managerial circumstances and the content of the position.

With the point of departure in our overall process, we shall assess the opportunity for a match, and – provided the continued existence of a mutual interest – you will be invited to an introductory meeting with our client.

Presentation of candidates

We prepare presentation material pertaining to the individual candidate to be presented for the client. We forward this material to our client prior to the presentation which will be held at a neutral location for reasons of discretions. Prior to your meeting with the client, you will receive a copy of the presentation material. When you have met and had an opportunity to get an impression of one another, we will present the results of your references, tests and analyses to the client. The process usually takes between 1 and 4 months.

We are uncompromising in our approach – we solely present qualified candidates, which is also documented by our hit rate of more than 98%.

This figure is in terms of whether the candidate still being in employment and not under notice at the expiry of the guarantee period.

We follow up

It is important that you, as the candidate, is satisfied with the process in which you have participated at us. Therefore, we send a link for evaluation of our process to all candidates, whom we have presented. Your evaluation is important and contributes to ensuring and improving our services, processes and methods.

Likewise, it is also decisive that the terms of employment are satisfactory to you and to our client. Our work is not completed by our finding of a match – we follow the process throughout. Thus, we perform follow-up on the employment after 1, 3 and 8 months employment and after 12 months in connection with the employment of executives. In matters pertaining to the recruitment of chairs of the board and board members, we will perform follow-up after 6 and 12 months.

Thousands of candidates in our candidate database – including you?

Our candidate database comprises several thousand candidates at all levels. We constantly update our candidate database and, every day, it increases by new and exciting candidates. If you consider changing employer, or if you would like to be contacted by us when a job opportunity arises, your prospects of being contacted will be increased if your CV is already in our candidate database, when we activate our Searches. Thus, you are always welcome to submit your CV via an e-mail to hrm@laigaard-partners.com

You should submitting your CV into our candidate database, if you;

With your CV in our candidate database, you will receive a consent form which has two purposes:

Your profile is confidential

Your personal data will be treated with the strictest confidence, and your data will never be passed on without your prior consent. You can, at all times, withdraw your consent, cf. current legislation, whereupon we shall immediately delete your registered data from our registers.

A good CV

If you want your CV to be taken into consideration, you will benefit from adhering to a few pieces of good advice:

  1. Be complete and precise. Include all important matters. A board CV should be concise, but you should describe what you are particularly good at and what skills you can contribute.
  2. Describe your progress chronologically with month and year details for your job changes and education. It is a good idea to insert a link to the company under each employment.
  3. Describe your responsibilities, the tasks and how you solved them.
  4. Remember that we require objective facts and concrete results.
  5. You can for instance focus your CV on matters that are particularly relevant to the specific job or type of position, if we have requested your CV in connection with a concrete position.
  6. Do not write more on the page than it is easy to get an overview.

Below you can see an example of a good CV: